I’m Candra!

Welcome to CanCanRoynelle.com! Thank you for visiting my lifestyle blog. I’m very excited that you want to know more about me. The name of my blog is an extension of myself: Can-Can is my family-given nickname and Roynelle is my middle name. Put it together and you get me!

I am just like you, a sucker for any and all things pretty. I created this blog as a creative outlet from my day job and to talk about all the pretty things. The blog focuses on all things that interest me- fashion, natural hair, and everything else in between. I don’t have a one-track mind so I figured my blog should reflect my interests. I hope you continue to come back and enjoy all the pretty things.

3 things you should know about me:

  1. I love to eat; It’s my favorite pastime!
  2. I laugh at everything, (and I mean everything) especially corny jokes!
  3. I am very clumsy. So clumsy that I trip over air.

Live life colorfully