Protective Hairstyles: Crochet Braids

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So I’m finally back into the swing of things for my hair. I recently washed, blow-dried, and trimmed my hair and I’m feeling like a new woman! Feeling great, I decided to do another protective style so I don’t have to do my hair for at least a month. Previously, I tried this style and didn’t like the hair that I used because it tangled so easily. Hopefully, I don’t have the same issues with this new hair. Anyways, the style that I decided to do is crochet braids. Specifically, it’s the crochet braids that do not require cornrows!

Protective Hairstyles: Crochet Braids ||

The cornrow-less crochet braids are the braids that are crocheted to your hair in plaits, or two-strand twists. I love this method of doing crochet braids because it’s similar to braids but requires way less time. Also, it provides flexibility with hair that you can’t necessarily do with crochet braids with cornrows.

Sometimes crochet styles can be heavy on your hair and that’s why I usually don’t keep them in for too long. However, the braids are not too heavy and it’s easy to maneuver into any style that I would like. The one thing that I don’t like about these braids is the length. The store only had 20 inches for the style that I wanted, which are a bit longer than I would prefer. Nevertheless, I love flipping them back and forth.

Protective Hairstyles: Crochet Braids ||

Protective Hairstyles: Crochet Braids ||

Protective Hairstyles: Crochet Braids ||

Protective Hairstyles: Crochet Braids ||


Prior to installing the braids, your hair should already be in two-strand twists (I had a total of 61 two-strand twists in my hair). I would recommend that you make your twists approximately the size of the individual braid or a little smaller. There are only a few tools that are needed for this style:

Crochet Braids Tutorial

The video, below, is a quick and simple tutorial on how I achieved this style!

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