Protective Style: Top Knot Tutorial

Protective Style: Top Knot Tutorial

Hey y’all!

It’s summer and I’m officially not doing my hair anymore (surprise, surprise). So this means more protective styles for me all summer long. For my next protective style, I decided to do another top knot style. If you want to see the previous one I did, find it here. Top knots are fun and easy styles to do. For the most part, they are most popular in the summer, but perfect for really any time of the year.

Protective Style: Top Knot Tutorial ||

I also decided to add beads to my hair because why not? I’ve been seeing lots of people, recently, adding beads to their hair and it just reminds me of childhood. So I decided to join the cool kids and add it to my hair. I feel like I might regret this decision to add beads later but YOLO…right?

I’m not too great with cornrows, which is why the style includes flat twist instead of cornrows. One day, I will be better at cornrows and will start doing them more regularly.

Protective Style: Top Knot Tutorial ||

Protective Style: Top Knot Tutorial ||


To complete this style, you’ll need the following products:

If your hair is long enough to achieve the top knot without extra hair, no need for the Marley hair or the pre-looped twists. I use the Marley hair for length and the pre-looped twists to give my hair the fullness it needs to achieve a top knot.


See below, for the video tutorial for how I achieved this style.

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