How To: Dust Your Hair

How To: Dust Your Hair

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Trimming you hair is one of the most important things, next to moisture, on your journey to healthy hair. I usually trim my hair, really I dust my hair, every 6-7 weeks. This may seem excessive to you but it works best for me. If I wait too long to dust my ends, my hair is not happy. My ends will get really tangled and ratty-looking and it’s more difficult to detangle. My hair feels and looks healthy with it’s dusted.

Before we get into how I dust my hair, I want talk about the difference why I distinguish between the two. Trimming is when you cut between a half and inch to and inch or more to… I don’t personally trim my hair, I leave that to the professional. I am not a licensed beautician and don’t feel comfortable do so. Whenever I go to get my hair done, I get it trimmed.

Dusting, on the other hand, is when you cut less than a quarter inch of your hair. I dust my hair to hold me over until I can get a trim. Because I’m dusting just a little off my ends, I don’t mind doing it. Also, it makes doing my hair more manageable.

Products and Styling

The things that you’ll need to dust your hair is a mirror, a comb, and professional hair shears. Do not use any other type of scissors to cut your hair.

How To: Dust Your Ends ||

I always dust my hair on blown out hair and I specifically use the tension method (you can find the tutorial here). There are three steps that I use to dust my hair.


I grab a small to medium sized section and take my wide tooth comb and comb out the ends. I do this to get rid of any shed hair.

How To: Dust Your Ends ||


I pull the section of hair taut through my fingers (as you see below), leaving out the ends that I want to dust.

How To: Dust Your Ends ||


I take my shears and cut, or dust, the ends of my hair.

How To: Dust Your Ends ||

As you can see, below,  I don’t take a lot of hair off because it’s only a dusting.

How To: Dust Your Ends ||

Then, I repeat all three steps to the rest of my hair to get the results you see below.

How To: Dust Your Ends ||

That’s all that I do to dust my ends every 6-7 weeks. Pretty easy right? You should give it a try!

Do you trim or dust (or both) your hair? How often do you do it (or get it professionally done)?

How To: Dust Your Ends ||

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