Fitness Challenge: Week 2

Fitness Challenge: Week 2

Hey y’all!

So, it’s week 2 of the fitness challenge! And let me tell you, I am wiped out! Every day for two months, I’m doing 50 pushups, 50 crunches, 50 squats, and 75 calf raises. You can catch my first week struggles here. Every Tuesday, until the challenge is over, I’m going to update you on my progress.

Also every week, I hope to intensify the exercises that I’m doing just so I don’t get bored and also to get stronger.

Recap of Week 1

When I say I was sore for most of the week, Maann!! It was a rough week. Luckily, the soreness started to subside by days 5 & 6 but it was still a struggle to work those muscles that haven’t been worked in forever.

Food-wise, I have been making healthier choices but still struggle with my snacking. I’m a snacker and the quickest and easiest thing to reach for, snack- wise, is junk food. So I bought fruit to chew on during the day so I wasn’t as tempted to grab junk food. I slipped a couple of times and grabbed something not conducive to my diet. Closer to the end of the week, I finally mapped out a plan about my eating and hope to see more positive results.

Below, you can see a side-to-side comparison of what changes, if any, that occurred in my body.

  Fitness Challenge: Week Two || Cancanroynelle.comFitness Challenge: Week Two ||
 Fitness Challenge: Week Two || Fitness Challenge: Week Two ||







Fitness Challenge: Week Two || Fitness Challenge: Week Two ||













To me, I don’t see much change physically between weeks 1 and 2. Honestly, I don’t really expect to see much change for another 3 or 4 weeks. However, I’m still pushing through and starting to feel better.

In the video, you’ll see the circuit that I’m doing for week 2.




So the goal for this week is to make healthier choices with my food, increase the intensity of the circuit for week 2, and incorporate cardio (running).

Don’t forget to use #2monthfitnesschallenge so we can struggle together to get back into shape.

As always, thanks for stopping by!


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