Length Check #2

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Today, I’m bringing you length check number 2! The last check I did (here) was not actually on the quarter. This year, it will be on the quarter so you know when they are coming. This length check will show growth from October 12 to March 31 (again, I know it’s not on the quarter, I messed up).

I have included a side-by-side comparison from the last blowout I did in October on the left to my most recent blowout in March (please excuse my photo quality from October). I used the tension method to blow dry my hair (tutorial found here).

October 2016

March 2017

October 2016 March 2017

From the pictures above, I can’t tell by simply looking if there has been much growth. The length from the blowouts looks about the same. Let’s take a look at the length with a tape measure.

Back (October 2016): 8 inches Back (October 2016): 8 inches Front of head (October): 10 inches Front of head (October): 10 inches Back (March 2017): 8 inches Back (March 2017): 8 inches Front of head (March 2017): 10.5 inches Front of head (March 2017): 10.5 inches Middle of head (March 2017): 11.5 inches Middle of head (March 2017): 11.5 inches

So, it appears that my hair grew a half-inch in the front and no growth in the back. I wasn’t able to get a picture in the middle of my head in October but was able to get one last month. As it stands, the middle portion of my hair is approximately 11.5 inches. Despite my complaints, I’m am still very happy with my current progress.  I think the stagnation in growth has do to with the fact that I’ve been manipulating my hair a lot this Winter rather than doing protective styles.

My goal for this next quarter is to increase my length by an inch in all sections through protective styling. I’ll check back in July with another length check.

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