Birthday Wishes

Hey y’all!

SOooo, my birthday is in about a week. I would like to start dropping hints to anyone who wants to get me a gift :). I’ve never been one to ask for gifts because if I want it something, I’ll usually get it myself. But I don’t want to deny anyone who wants to get me something :)! If anyone wants to know what I want, here a few option items I would like for my birthday:

Birthday wishes ||

1// Nike Air Max Thea SE Sneaker

2// Frilled Faux Leather Top

3//Baublebar Evanthia Crystal Stud Earrings

4// The Wrap Life Nyarai

5// ASOS Satin Pleated Midi Skirt

6// BP Wool Panama Hat

7// Thread and Supply Double Breasted Peacoat

8// Defoe Studio Quan Sisters Art Print

As always, thanks for stopping by!


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