5 Protective Hairstyles for Natural Hair

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Today, I’m going to talk you about protective styling. As Fall/Winter is quickly approaching, it’s protective style season. Protective styling is when you “hide or put away” your hair to protect it from over-manipulation and the environmental elements. 

There are several styles that I use when protective styling that I will talk to you about today.


One of my favorite (and easiest in my opinion) styles to do when it comes to protective styling, twists can include different varieties like: two-strand and flat twists, Marley, Havana and Senegalese twists, kinky twists, mini twists, etc. Mini twists are two-strand twists that are smaller in size. I don’t do mini two-strand twists often because of the amount of time that it takes. However, flat twist updos and styles are my jam.

I have tried Havana twists but the size that I did were super heavy so I have not tried it again. However, this is the year for trying new things so maybe I’ll do it again as well as try Marley and Senegalese twists.


Braids are something that I used to do all that time. However, the more that I’ve learned about what my hair likes and learned how to do my hair, the less I want to have someone else do it. Plus, I’m very tender-headed and very weary about the tugging that happens with braiding. Also, I’m really not here for sitting for 4+ hours to get my hair done. However, the cornrow styles that came out this summer have me rethinking braids. 

Crochet Braids

An alternative to micros or box braids are crochet braids. This style has gained popularity over the last couple of years and rightfully so since it’s a quick and easy style. Also, it is valuable for time sake in that it doesn’t necessarily require you to sit for a very long time. Crochet braid styles have changed a lot since I was little. I remember my mom doing crochet braids and there was only one type of hair for the crochet braids that you could buy. Then…they fell out because I don’t know how to act when I got braids in. It was NOT a good look.

But as I talked about in my previous post, I’m going to be taking a break from crochet braids and try some other protective styles. 


This is a style that I have not tried but am thinking of trying it out this year. The more I have to do my hair, the more I want a wig. Why? Because all I have to do is braid up my hair and throw a wig on! Like, why would I do anything else?! I’m in the market for a wig so if you know somewhere I should look, let me know!


Weaves. Also, being from Atlanta, I am very picky about folks that say that they can do weaves. Cause the girls back home hair be L A I D E D (no shade to anyone). So maybe when I go home during the holiday, I will try to get my hair did. 

So, those are different protective styles that you can do this Fall/Winter season. I would like to caution you that, even though you are protecting your hair, you still need to take care of your hair. Out of sight does not equal out of mind. You still need to oil your scalp or wash your hair. You don’t want to completely abandon your hair for 2 or 3 months cause then you don’t get the growth you want when you remove your protective style. Take care of yo hair girl!

What are some styles that you do use when protective styling?

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